Video resolutions and camera modes, which ones do you prefer?


We’re back at it again. Smartphone cameras, how do you use them? You already told us which cameras you’re usually using and then what you’re mostly using them for

Now it’s time to get some more details. While the results showed that you’re taking photos way more often than recording videos, we’re sure that’s still an important part of a camera system. These days phones can record videos even at 8K, which is truly impressive but far from practical. So, we’re asking you, which of the more reasonable video resolution and fps combos is the one that works best for you.

Okay, now let’s talk about camera modes other than the standard photo and video. Of course, those vary from phone to phone, but there are some that are now pretty much a given. They have their niche uses, but we all have our preferences. What’s yours?

Well, that’s it for today! Thank you for answering and keep an eye out for the next poll in a few days!


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