Spotify users are getting a new Bedtime feature in the Clock app from Google


Spotify and Google have teamed up a couple of years ago to offer Android users the option to use music from the streaming service via the Clock app. Up until now, you could set up your clock alarm to wake you up to Spotify music.Starting this week, Spotify is further expanding the existing integration with the Clock app from Google by adding a new “Bedtime” feature. Instead of waking up to Spotify music, the bedtime feature does exactly the opposite: it lets you set a timer for your sleepy soundtracks.

More importantly, Spotify allows you to choose from a curated sleep and relaxation playlists if you don’t have your own bedtime music. If you do, you can select whatever audio content you wish from the Clock app.

Whether it’s a mix of different music genres or podcasts like Daily Wellness, you can select just about anything available through Spotify. Yes, even sounds of rain or bedtime stories if that’s what put you to sleep faster.


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