Horizon Zero Dawn on PC won’t have an adjustable FOV but it will support ultra-wide monitors


For the first time, a Sony first party studio is going to be releasing a prominent PlayStation exclusive on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn is arriving on Steam this Summer, showcasing the capabilities of the Decima Engine on non-PlayStation hardware. However, we are learning that there will be some pros and cons with this latest version. 

In the pro column, we know that Guerrilla is supporting ultra-wide displays with Horizon Zero Dawn, as confirmed by the developers and shown off with the following screenshot:

Unfortunately for those that require a wider field of view to comfortably play games, it appears that Horizon Zero Dawn won’t support adjustable FOV. This decision is apparently due to the fact that “changing the FOV compromises the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience and visual style too much”.

It is likely that modders will figure out how to get around this themselves, although it is always preferable if accessibility options like adjustable FOV are in games by default.

KitGuru Says: There are a lot of people who suffer from motion sickness and reduce those symptoms by adjusting FOV to their liking, so this is less of a style/artistic issue and more of an accessibility one. For what it is worth though, Horizon Zero Dawn is an excellent game, so if you are fine with a fixed FOV, it will still be worth experiencing. If not, your best bet might be to wait for mods. 

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