Here’s how you can get Google’s Pixel 4 at less than $200 and the Pixel 4 XL at under $300


While it’s obviously hard to recommend purchasing a phone that its own manufacturers are unhappy with and pretty much no one seems to be buying right now, it’s even harder to argue with the appeal of a Snapdragon 855 powerhouse running silky smooth Android that costs a measly $192 all in all.

That’s right, you can spend less than two Benjamins on the 5.7-inch Google Pixel 4… if you don’t have a problem signing a two-year device payment plan with Sprint over at Best Buy. Normally available for $33.30 a month, or 800 bucks in total, the divisive Android 10-powered phone will only set you back $8 a month now after bill credits of $25.30.
At the time of this writing, both “Just Black” and “Clearly White” flavors of the 64GB Pixel 4 are up for grabs from Best Buy at this absolutely massive $607 discount, while the 128 gig variant can only be purchased in a black hue at a grand total of $292 after a $100 down payment and the same aforementioned $8 a month installments.
If you like bigger and sharper screens or larger batteries, the Pixel 4 XL is also on sale at a huge discount, fetching $12 a month after bill credits with Sprint installment plans in a 64GB storage configuration and your choice of black or white colors. That amounts to $288 instead of $900 or so, while the 128 gig variant requires a $100 down payment on top of the same $12 monthly installments, adding up to less than 400 bucks.

Once again, these bad boys might not be the world’s greatest high-end Android devices, but they are high-enders currently available at mid-range prices with nice P-OLED screens in tow, a decent 6 gigs of RAM, solid battery life (as far as the 4 XL is concerned, at least), outstanding cameras, and extremely responsive software with a solemn promise of three major OS updates.


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