Bethesda is donating $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts


The games industry has rallied in the face of COVID-19, with many large studios and publishers donating to relief efforts. Yesterday, we learned that Humble Bundle had raised $6.5 million for four charities and today, Bethesda is also throwing in a $1 million donation, which will be split between Direct Relief, UNICEF and smaller local organisations. 

Half of Bethesda Softworks’ $1 million donation is going to Direct Relief, providing health workers with protective gear and equipment to diagnose and treat the virus safely. $250,000 is going to UNICEF and another $250,000 will be donated to local efforts around the areas Bethesda is based.

Bethesda is also leading a #BethesdaAtHome’ funding campaign, with employees streaming from their home offices and encouraging donations to the same charities they are supporting. You will find those livestreams over on

KitGuru Says: We’ve seen a number of tech and gaming companies pitching in to fight COVID-19 in the last couple of months. Hopefully soon, we will start to see the situation take a turn for the better. 

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