Apple releases promo videos of the Apple Watch Series 6, the new iPad Air, and more


This morning Apple held its “Time Flies” virtual event and if you streamed it on a connected device, you know that the event was aptly named. Not because of the two Apple Watches that were introduced, but because of the pace of the event which moved quickly.
The first device introduced was the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple included two videos during the presentation that we would like you to see. The first one is a somewhat funny look at the new and older health-related features that you’ll find on the new Apple Watch. The voice over announcer says, “Imagine a future where one day machine learning will give you the power to track your sleep.” Someone sporting an Apple Watch interrupts by pointing out that the Apple Watch already does that. So the announcer brings up another thought, “Imagine one day a tiny device with an optical sensor will send you an alert if your heart rate is too low.” Of course, the Apple Watch already does that. In fact, as the ad goes on it is pointed out that the timepiece also sends alerts when a user’s heart rate is too high, of if you’re someplace too loud. The point is that the Apple Watch already does many of the things that you need it to do.
Another video features several people whose lives were saved by the Apple Watch. The heart rate monitor, the electrocardiogram, and the fall detector are the reasons why some of these people are still around to appear in the video. The new watch adds a pulse oximeter to make sure that your heart is pumping sufficently.
One of the best features of a smartwatch is the ability to change watch faces at the drop of a hat. Apple produced a video that shows the new faces available in watchOS 7 including the GMT face which shows multiple time zones simultaneously. The Count Up face tracks elapsed time and the Chronograph Pro face resembles those sleek racing watches of yesteryear with multiple time scales and a tachymeter that measures speed based on time traveled over a set distance. There is also a face with customizable stripes and the Typograph faces that use numerals in three different typestyles and four different scripts. Depending on what you are doing, where you are going, or for other reasons altogether, Apple has several different all new watch faces that you can choose from that are perfect for the occasion.
Apple also released a video for the fourth-generation iPad Air. The tablet carries a 10.9-inch screen and is powered with the first 5nm chipset, the A14 Bionic. That makes the new slate more powerful and energy-efficient. And Apple revised the look of the iPad Air by integrating the Touch ID fingerprint sensor with the tablet’s power button on the top right of the device. That allowed Apple to shrink the size of the bezels to give the screen an edge-to-edge look.

Lastly, Apple has added a new offering to its Services lineup called Fitness+. Powered by Apple Watch, Fitness+ brings subscribers “World-class workouts by the world’s top trainers.”
New workouts are available to be streamed over your Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone every week. The service is priced at $9.99 a month or $79.99 for a year. Three months of Fitness+ is free with the purchase of an Apple Watch. Current Apple Watch owners can receive one month for free and each subscription can be shared among five other family members.

Learn more about Fitness+ and how it can get you back in shape by showing you workouts on video that you can do anytime and anyplace. With on-screen metrics, you always have an idea about how your workout is progressing. There are ten different types of workouts and Fitness+ will be available starting later this year. You can arrange to receive an alert when Fitness+ is ready by tapping on this link and clicking the “notify me” button.


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